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About Martial Excellence

"The Ultimate Kung Fu Learning Experience"

 Sifu Troy Dunwood

Sifu Troy Dunwood, a long time student of Chinese martial arts, has been teaching since 1979 and has over 40 years of kung fu experience. Sifu Troy Dunwood was born on January 28th, 1963 in Berkeley, California. At the age of six he began his training in authentic Chinese martial arts. 

At first, he learned Northern Shaolin Pek Kwar Moon, Mi Zhong and Tong Gar systems from Sifu Yuan Chan, followed by the curriculum of Tian Bao Tai Ji,  Hung Kuen, Wing Chun, Choy Lee Fut, Ying Jow Faan Tzi Moon, Ba Gua, Ba Hsien and Filipino Blade and Stick Fighting.

In his lifetime he has trained under (9) different Masters learning and mastering their techniques and attaining their level of perfection in his skills. At the age of 15, he began teaching at the East Oakland Youth Development Center in Oakland, California. During his teaching career, Sifu Troy instructed members of law enforcement and provided personal security services for various bay area celebrities.  Sifu Troy is now offering public and private instructions at his Martial Excellence Kung Fu Club located in Oakland, California.

Martial Excellence is the Chinese Kung Fu Association of Sifu Troy Dunwood, who has been teaching Traditional Chinese Martial Arts since 1979.  

Our classes implores the interactive method of teaching, our instructors teach according to the needs of our students, this entails individualized and through group learning and research. In addition to physical fitness a students will enhance their thinking and improve the technical knowledge while also  experiencing the Chinese culture and martial arts. 

The very nature of fighting is not fixed nor does it allow any pre arranged methods when engaged in combat. A fighter must have an arsenal of skills, ranging in many different aspects for the mere purpose of being combat ready at all times. Master Troy Dunwood has spent his life learning and mastering the different schools of Chinese kung fu for a deeper understanding and appreciation.

Chinese martial arts has a renowned history with many styles, most styles in Chinese martial arts have their own respective concepts and theories, while specializing in their own particular skills, our curriculum  is a fusion of various  important traditional Chinese martial arts systems this combined teaching curriculum in our opinion produces the strongest and most effective skills in Chinese kung fu. 

Within the Martial Excellence Chinese Kung Fu Club all are treated as family. The relationship between teacher and student is special, as the teacher gives 100% of himself in dispensing knowledge of real martial science; the student is expected to give 100% of themselves in receiving. Ultimately our goal is empowering you the student, with the training that will provide you  self discipline, confidence and awareness, taking these attributes and grafting them into your daily lives, which in turn becomes a way of life.

In real Chinese kung fu, to be successful, you must be willing to work, if you are willing to work then, "What are you waiting for, let’s get started".

"The Ultimate Kung Fu Learning Experience"

Our goal is to provide the most rewarding kung fu experience one may endure by the direct teachings of Sifu Dunwood, with his over 40 years of experience. Course training is open to Men,Women and Children of all ages. Our course training includes:

Hand Forms

Weapon Forms

Combative Applications


Wooden Dummy

Inner Power Development



Martial Excellence Program is designed to empower our youth and adults alike with the characteristics of righteousness, loyalty, respect, perseverance and dignity. These characteristics in turn aides in producing productive members of society that far exceeds the physical art of kung fu and enters into the spiritual development of one’s nature and character. Our Martial Excellence program is not only designed to promote the glorious art and culture of traditional Chinese martial arts but also tolerance and humility.

Chinese martial arts is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, it is a phenomenon that has fascinated the world over. Once shrouded behind a veil of secrecy now, it is taught openly to all who seek its benefits.  Real martial arts are not learned over night, it takes determined efforts and maximum efforts with the proper mental attitude. In the final analysis, we come to realize that we have not in totality mastered kung fu but in partiality we have begun to master ourselves.

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