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Welcome to Martial Excellence Kung Fu Club 

"Sifu Troy Dunwood is a top kung fu man And he is an excellent teacher. In all the years I have known him, I have found his character to be upright and correct. I heartily endorse Sifu Troy Dunwood, both as a teacher and as a good person.  Master Rick "Bucky" Wing, Wong Jack Man Northern Shaolin.


Master Rick "Bucky" Wing


Sifu Troy Dunwood’s high level of kung fu skill is well respected and admired by many people. Sifu Troy exemplifies a era of traditional kung fu that is long gone, as a credit to himself, learning from 9 different masters in his lifetime and acquiring their level of perfection in his own skills. Sifu Troy has been engrossed in kung fu since his childhood and loves to share his kung fu knowledge with any and all interested persons who are sincere in learning. Throughout Sifu Troy’s martial arts career, he has competed in numerous, local, national and international competitions and have won the first place honor for the majority. Sifu Troy is very adept at the application of his martial arts techniques insomuch as some students has called his technique “Invisible Hands”, which draws upon his effortless skill of constantly changing his technique making it literally impossible for his opponent to follow or sense his energy. Presently, Sifu Troy teaches at his Martial Excellence Kung Fu Club, where tradition is never compromised. Sifu Troy conducts course training in the major areas of traditional Chinese martial arts which includes:

Traditional Hand & Weapon Forms Traditional Lion Dancing & Drumming Health, Self Defense & Self Discipline

Chin Na Arresting & Capturing Techniques  Internal Power Development  Historical & Philosophical Aspects

Tung Mo Kuen


 "The Ultimate Kung Fu Learning Experience" 

   w/ Sifu Troy Dunwood

What Are You Waiting For, Lets Get Started


6323 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, Ca 94609


Martial Excellence is headquartered in Oakland, California with Master Troy Dunwood and 
Sifu Dedan Wilmot.

Our Jacksonville , Florida branch is headed by Sifu Chris Manalon

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